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Beena Kavalam on ‘5 Strategies for Getting Ahead’

Beena Kavalam, MBA, CPCC is the CEO of Personal Revolution LLC, a coaching, speaking and consulting company based in Denver, CO.

She has an MBA from NYU Stern School of Business, a BA from Rutgers University in Biology, and the Certified Professional Co-Active Coach certification from Coaches Training Institute.

Beena started her career working as a consultant for Accenture, where she worked on business process design, training, and project management for several Fortune 500 clients in the Communications & High Tech category.   She later also worked for Pacesetter Management Consulting, a boutique management consultancy, delivering program management, cross-cultural facilitation and leadership training to international pharmaceutical companies.

After completing her MBA specializing in Marketing and Management, Beena worked for Bayer HealthCare in various brand management positions on its Bayer Aspirin® and Flintstones Vitamins brands.

After surviving a life-threatening accident, Beena found her dream career helping high performing professionals define and craft their personal brands so that they can command the respect, the promotion and the money they deserve!

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What You’ll Learn In This Mentor Chat

As professional women, we can face all kinds of hurdles as we try to rise in our careers. So often we think as long as we keep our head down and keep working hard, sooner or later, our work will be noticed and we will get that promotion that we deserve. Of course, it doesn’t always work that way, and it could be a very long time before we see any results of all our hard work.

Studies show women are anywhere from 35% – 47% less likely to get promoted than their male counterparts. One way to reduce that gap is for women to take ownership of their career trajectories and actively work towards getting that promotion that they desire in a smart and confident way.

If you’re wondering how to do that, you are in luck as our guest mentor for this week, career-coach Beena Kavalam, outlines 5 high-impact strategies that women can begin using today to get ahead, no matter what their background is or what stage of career they are in.

At 3:40 – What is the research telling us about women and promotion?

At 5:25 – STRATEGY #1: Get clear on your WHAT and your WHY

At 7:40 – STRATEGY #2: Identify your Personal Competitive Advantage

At 13:05 – STRATEGY #3: Build your promotion team

At 16:38 – STRATEGY #4: Communicate your personal competitive advantage

At 19:30 – STRATEGY #5: Look and feel like the woman/leader you aspire to be

At 22:00 – Beena gives you an action item to begin taking ownership of your professional growth today!


The Mentor Chat

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