Shenomics is a Mindful Leadership platform helping women live and lead boldly
on a foundation of inner mastery. [Shee-no-miks] Noun

  • 1. the art and science of extraordinary success for extraordinary women
  • 2. a platform for women leading from within
  • 3. a sisterhood of women helping women

See also: women on top of the world, unstoppable women.

Why Mindful Leadership?

  • Mindfulness offers a powerful inside-out approach – learning to lead others by first learning to lead from within, by developing a deep awareness of one’s core values, beliefs, mindset and vision.
  • The core tenets of Mindfulness – non-judgmental acceptance, present-minded awareness and compassion, among others -equip womenwith a powerful toolkit for ongoing success in their lives and careers
  • Mindfulness is a powerful blend of modern science and spirituality. The proven science behind Mindfulness is enabling organizations around the world to adopt this age-old philosophy as a revolutionary new way to live, work and lead.

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