The message is loud and clear: The world needs more women leaders, and it needs them to lead in a manner that is most authentic to them and honors their unique leadership qualities and capabilities.

Shenomics’ Workshops empower women to:

  • Lead with authenticity, by identifying the personal values and vision that they derive the greatest meaning and fulfillment from and seeing how they fit within the organizational culture
  • Create a platform for bold and sustained action that pushes them to their highest potential
  • Communicate and project themselves with confidence and influence
  • Build a repertoire of skills, tools and techniques for self-coaching themselves out of any perceived limitations and into greater freedom and fulfillment
  • Find fun and energizing ways to balance the multiple roles they play in their life and career

Organizations that support the advancement of women in the workplace have been found to enjoy far greater financial success, a more engaged workforce, and greater respect and loyalty from their stakeholders.

Drawing on extensive research, interviews with global women of influence, extensive coaching and training experience, and my own 10+ years career in the corporate space and entrepreneurship, the Shenomics’ Women Leading From Within™ program has been created to inspire, educate and empower women to achieve their fullest potential, find personal and professional fulfillment and create massive impact.

The curriculum is based on a mix of:

  • Personal development work to help women cultivate the self-awareness necessary for charting a path to their personal success, from identifying their personal vision to overcoming any barriers that might hold them back
  • Practical training in skills essential for influential and effective leadership: communication, negotiation and relationship-building
  • Group work that allows women to help one another and forge a strong and supportive community with their peers


Women Leading From Within™ is a transformative and completely immersive program that is built on 5 key pillars: