Do you…

  • Wish to make a greater impact in the world, but are struggling to envision what’s even possible for you?
  • Feel a longing to pursue a dream, whether that’s starting a new career or a business, or taking your existing career to the next level, but feel stuck?
  • Want to express yourself with greater confidence, but have anxieties, concerns or fears that hold you back?
  • Yearn for freedom – the freedom to do the things you love, freedom to live the life you want, freedom to be you?

If any of the above rings true for you, listen up, friend.

We all know you are much more than you are showing yourself to be.

No matter what your inner critic may be telling you, you have a voice that needs to be heard more loudly, talents that need to be expressed more fully and a power that needs to be felt more widely.

This is not about fixing you because you are broken, but about enabling you to be more of YOU because you already are whole and complete. Because deep down, you already know what you are capable of, you know what matters to you the most, and you know what makes you come alive.

You have beautiful dreams and a unique way in which only you can give them life. And the world is waiting to benefit from your gifts.

You owe it to yourself to embrace your fullest and highest potential, not just because of what you can do with it, but because of who you become as a result of it – a woman who shines with all her brilliance. A woman who stands tall like a beacon amongst us because she has the courage to fully express who she is, proudly and unapologetically. And when she does, the rest of us stand a little taller too.

That pain you may be experiencing right now is nothing but your potential unexpressed and your desires unfulfilled. If you are tired of making excuses for yourself and finally ready to experience the freedom that comes from living and leading a life that is fully aligned with your heart and your values, then fasten your seat-belt, my friend. You and I are about to embark on one of the most exciting journeys of your life!

How It Works

The Shenomics Coaching Program will empower you to:

  • Nourish, strengthen and empower your inner dreamer to set a powerful and compelling personal and professional vision for yourself, fully aligned with the values that you hold most dear
  • Set yourself free from all the anxieties, limiting beliefs and fears that hold you back so you can confidently express who you are in the world
  • Trust your inner voice, and use it as a reliable guide for all the important decisions in your life
  • Take bold and consistent actions towards the realization of your dreams

We offer 3 packages

  • Shenomics

    Career Clarity

    Silver Package

    A 1-month program to help you get crystal clarity on your priorities and your next career move.

    3 personal coaching sessions (60 minutes each)

    Unlimited E-mail check-ins, as needed

    Relevant resources, as needed, to support your career goals

  • Shenomics

    Career Breakthrough

    Gold Package

    A 3-month program to empower you to take your career to the next level and create far greater meaning, fulfillment and impact.

    6 personal coaching sessions (60-90 minutes each)

    Unlimited E-mail check-ins, as needed

    Relevant resources, as needed, to support your career goals

  • Shenomics

    Career Makeover

    Platinum Package

    A 6-month program to reinvent yourself and transition to your ideal career that is aligned with your fullest potential, your values and how you wish to express yourself in the world.

    12 personal coaching sessions (60-90 minutes each)

    Unlimited E-mail check-ins, as needed

    Relevant resources, as needed, to support your career goals

Why Work With me?



What I bring to this program is:

  • A blend of practicality and spirituality: I’m a certified coach with 12+ years of extensive training in leadership coaching, entrepreneurship and business mentoring. I also have an MBA from the NYU-Stern School of Business, a leading business school.
  • At the same time, my core values stem from a strong spiritual foundation. All my work is grounded in the principles of mindful leadership training, which begins with aligning your heart and your life to your values, and making conscious career choices.
  • I come with a unique global perspective and sensitivity, having lived in 6 different countries on 4 different continents.
  • I walk my talk. My favorite mantra is “Be the change.” In my own personal journey, I have come a long way and taken big leaps, driven primarily by my values, so I can be more, do more and give more.
  • To learn more about me, please see my official bio here

I promise to:

  • Hold a mirror up to you and show you the wealth of wisdom, beauty and strength that lies within you
  • Encourage and empower you to think, dream and act bigger by helping you tap into the immense power you already possess
  • Create a warm and safe environment for you to deconstruct and eliminate all of the beliefs that hold you back
  • Be your biggest cheerleader as you take bold steps towards the life of your dreams