“Give to yourself. Give to the world.”

Before she became a leader, she was a little girl with hopes and dreams. One of the biggest things that gave her the courage and the freedom to dream, and to dream BIG: an education.

At Shenomics, we are on a mission to enable every woman to lead from within.

But before we can fully embrace purposeful and heart-centered leadership for each and every woman on this planet, we need to begin with her education.

With over 3 million out-of-school girls, India is at the epicenter of gender disparity.

Education. It’s a fundamental right. It’s the foundation. But for so many of us, it’s still a privilege.

That’s why, as a socially conscious company, Shenomics is committed to giving at least 10% of its annual revenue to supporting the education and empowerment of girls and women in low-income parts of India, through our social-impact partners.

When you participate in any of Shenomics’ programs, you are not just giving to yourself, you are giving to the world.

Our Partners:

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Educated girls have the unique ability to bring unprecedented social and economic changes to their families and communities. By generating awareness and empowering village communities to improve the quality of girls’ education and infrastructure in government schools, more girls can be educated at a larger scale. As a result, health, income levels and overall livelihood improve, bringing about social transformation of rural, tribal and underserved societies.

Hundreds of organizations in India work in girls’ education, but few are as cost-effective and scalable as Educate Girls. Close to 80,000 girls have already benefitted from Educate Girls’ programs. Educate Girls’ aims to create policy change within government to provide 4 million children with quality education and leadership training by 2018.

To learn more about Educate Girls, please visit educategirls.in.

Shenomics Coaching Fellowship:

At Shenomics, our goal is to inspire, educate and empower aspiring women from all walks of life. We recognize that coaching and leadership development programs can be cost-prohibitive for many women.

In order to make our programs accessible to a wider pool of women, we are pleased to offer a limited set of scholarships to deserving women at substantially reduced rates.

If you are:

  • An emerging leader at a non-profit organization,
  • A social entrepreneur, or
  • Aspiring to become a positive force in the world

We encourage you to apply for a Shenomics Coaching Fellowship.

The Shenomics Coaching Fellowship is a 3-month program that offers aspiring women leadership support to magnify their impact in the world.  Learn more about our Transformational coaching programs.