In order for organizations to attract, retain and enable women to perform at their best, they need to understand and support women through the various stages of a woman’s career. At Shenomics, our research has shown that, in comparison to men, these stages are markedly different for women, and if companies offer the right kind of support through each of these stages, the pipeline for female talent can be greatly reinforced.*

The Stages of a Woman’s Career:

  • Phase 1: Early-Career (Junior/Millennial women) – Idealism
  • Phase 2: Mid-Career (Women pre-and post maternity break) – Endurance and Balance
  • Phase 3: Late-Career (Senior women) – Contribution

*Source: Diana Bilimoria, Professor – Organizational Behavior, Case Western Reserve

The Shenomics coaching programs are mindful of these stages, and offer the right kind of support to women at each stage to enable them make maximum impact in their careers.

We offer one-on-one coaching, as well as group coaching, to women at all levels: junior, mid and senior.