Bhavna Toor

Bhavna Toor is the founder of Shenomics, a Mindful leadership platform helping women realize their highest professional aspirations through a philosophy of leadership grounded in a conscious and non-judgmental awareness of one’s authentic self.

Bhavna has been mentoring leaders and entrepreneurs for the last 10 years, including as an Entrepreneur-in-residence at the GSF Global Accelerator and previously as the CEO and Director of the National Social Entrepreneurship Forum, helping to create a supportive eco-system for over 10,000 young social entrepreneurs. Prior to that, Bhavna had a 9-year celebrated career on Wall Street, most recently as a Vice President at a top investment firm in New York.

As a passionate women’s leadership coach, Bhavna has spoken on various platforms including TEDx, and has worked with high-potential women at leading companies like Societe Generale, Google, Target and Goldman Sachs.

Bhavna is a founding member of the Womensphere Global Network, an alumna of GIFT’s Global Young Leaders, the Startup Leadership Program, the Piramal Fellowship, and has an MBA in Social Impact from New York University’s Stern School of Business.

Bhavna is also a former Miss India New York, model, actress, dancerand TV Host (Namaste America). Bhavna has lived in 6 different countries, and brings a global understanding and sensitivity to her work.

Bhavna is working towards a world where all women can express their highest selves freely and fearlessly, where we uplift and empower one another through stories of our courage, and where the leader that we follow before all others is the leader within.

Shenomics' Experts and Consultants

  • Rekha Kurup
    Rekha Kurup

    Rekha Govindan Kurup is a consulting expert on Inner Critic work and building confidence with deep inner work for Shenomics. Rekha is a women’s Spirituality Life Coach and Ritualist, Women’s Circle Trainer, Creative facilitator, and Expressive Arts Therapist. She is also, the co-founder and director of The She Stands Tall Project LLP (STTP) that offers a diverse array of workshops that support Women and Girls to Stand Tall in the Knowing, Embodiment and Expression of Body, Sexuality and Self - wholly, naturally and sacredly. She facilitates Women’s circles, Authentic Self explorations, Shakti Woman journeys, Women’s Rites and Wisdom learning containers. Her work is founded in facilitating a unique transformative learning model based on a whole person philosophy such that a living spirituality, the creative arts, the body, and the participant all become part of the transformative exploration. The pedagogy of her work is founded in her Master of Arts degree in Women’s Spirituality from the Institute of Transpersonal Psychology (ITP) in Northern California, and a certification in Expressive Arts Therapy from EAST-WEST School of Psychology and Women’s Christian College in Chennai. Rekha Kurup is a recipient of the Vital Voices Fellowship for 2015.

  • Bharathi Srinivasan
    Bharathi Srinivasan

    Bharathi Srinivasanis a Shenomics’ consultant and expert in Executive Coaching.

    Bharathi has had a 25-year long illustrious career in Learning & Organizational Development. Bharathi is an ICF certified Coach with vast coaching experience in the areas of leadership coaching for internal reflections and transformations, creating and moving career paths, and personal effectiveness. As the Founder of Upside Up, Bharathi facilitates leaders on managing organizational changes and transitions for self and their teams, focusing on team performance to deliver results.She also enjoys solving problems through Design Thinking and is certified in using Design thinking for teams to come up with innovative solutions. Bharathibrings experience from industry leaders like Wipro, Hewlett Packard, Thomson Reuters and SAP.

  • Veena Ramagopalan
    Veena Ramagopalan

    Veena Ramagopalan is a Shenomics’ consultant and expert on energy management and work-life balance.

    Veena’s career spans over 20 years. An ex-Naval officer from the first batch of women officers of the Indian Navy, Veenahas worked in various companies, including Philips for over 13 years, holding senior Strategic & Leadership roles.Veena is currently a Director of Inroads Leadership Development, and facilitates professionals and organizations to achieve great performance and meaningful growth on critical leadership skills, supported by high-energy workshops, coaching and consulting.Veena specializes in Business, Leadership Consulting and coaching, working with executives, management and employees of all levels towards continually improving as individuals and as an organization, including working on Energy Management, finding better work life balance, leadership skills and employee motivation.

  • Shreya Dhingra
    Shreya Dhingra

    Shreya Dhingra is a Shenomics’ consultant and expert in Executive Presence.

    Shreya is a Business Image Coach, Social Psychologist and a Personal Branding Consultant to senior professionals across industries. An MBA by qualification, she has 9 years of experience in retail, marketing, media and more than 5 years of training and consulting experience as the founder of Your Image and I Consultancy, which was listed amongst top 25 leading L&D consultancies in India by the Consultants’ Review Magazine in March’16. Shreya trains in renowned Indian and International companies, such as Samsung, ExxonMobil, Oracle and Maruti Suzuki. She also writes for renowned online forums like Your Story, Women’s Web and DainikBhaskar. She also has an online TV series ‘Enterprising Entrepreneur’ on Youtube. Shreya was recognized amongst the top 20 practicing Image Coaches in India by The Times of India in the year 2014 and amongst the top 50 Elite Image Coaches in India by The Image Consulting Institute in the same year. Besides Image Coaching, she loves fitness and is currently undergoing formal training in Mixed Martial Arts.

  • Aparna Athreya
    Aparna Athreya

    Aparna Athreya is a Shenomics’ consultant and expert in story telling.

    Aparna Athreya is a storyteller, story coach and the Founder of Kid and Parent Foundation. She was a technologist for 17 years, after which she moved into the learning and development domain. Aparna has trained/coached several teams in organizations such as IBM, Infosys and Radio One on topics such as branding, communication, tank building, organizational value and personal leadership.Aparna combines her organizational skills with her creative expertise to design and execute rich learning experiences. She is the short member of Bangalore storytelling society and a board member of Canara Financial Advisory Trust. Aparna has been featured as a leading woman entrepreneur by the Hindu and Your Story. Her motto is - "Never let the child in you grow up."

  • Megha Mehta
    Megha Mehta

    Megha Mehta is a Shenomics’ consultant and expert in coaching to find one’s authentic voice, and overall wellness.

    Megha is a certified Holistic Health Coach, Yoga Instructor and Energy Medicine Therapist who became a Life Coach by nature's design. She has been coaching women to cut through layers of conditioning, find their most empowered self and create a life that is authentic for them. She is creatively inclined and a staunch listener of her own intuition which she uses when she coaches her clients. Her approach is a combination of releasing limiting beliefs, healing the inner child, releasing undigested emotions from past situations and building a healthy diet and lifestyle. When she's not coaching clients or writing incessantly she loves to crochet, read her ever increasing list of must-read books, giggle with her 4-year old girl and write poems straight from the heart.

The Shenomics' Brain Trust (Our Advisors)

  • Lavanya Nalli
    Lavanya Nalli

    Lavanya Nalli is a hands-on leader with 10 years of experience across retail, e-commerce, strategy and operations. She started her career with the Nalli Group – a $100M national retail chain - focusing on new business development and growth opportunities, retail store operations, and a private-label. She later launched a sub-brand that penetrated untapped markets, and incubated a venture that empowered artisanal communities by bringing design-led products to market. During her tenure, Nalli doubled its revenues, and expanded from 14 to 21 stores. Lavanya graduated from Harvard Business School with an MBA in 2011, and worked at McKinsey & Company (Chicago) advising CXOs of Fortune 500 companies on issues ranging from top-line growth and profit improvement initiatives, change management programs and multi-channel strategy. She moved to India in 2013 into the e-commerce world as VP, Revenue & Shopping Experience at Myntra (Flipkart Group). The Economic Times named Lavanya as among corporate India’s fastest rising women leaders.

  • Vicki Nicholson
    Vicki Nicholson

    Vicki is the Founder and MD of CWSolution. Bringing together a mix of knowledge and skills from the fields of leadership and organizational development, Vicki has designed and facilitated many strategic and organization development interventions. She has worked with numerous Fortune 500 Companies looking to build their capability in India and with Indian Companies looking to implement the latest approaches to leadership and expand into global markets. These include Cisco Systems, NetApp, Novartis, Accenture, Goldman Sachs, General Electric, Honeywell, Cognizant Technology Systems and Coromandel International.

    Vicki holds an MS in Positive Organizational Development at Weatherhead Business School, CWRU, Cleveland, Ohio. She also works as an executive coach and is completing her International Coaching Federation Certification. She is a certified practitioner of the Emotional Capital Inventory, Myers Briggs Type Indicator, Hogan Assessments, DISC, Firo B and Belbin Team Roles.

  • Vaishali Kasture
    Vaishali Kasture

    Vaishali Kasture is a Managing Director and India Country Head at Experian. Previously, she was a Partner at Deloitte Consulting, and a Diversity and Inclusion Head for Deloitte Consulting, India. Vaishali has over 23 years of Banking and Financial services experience. Previously as a Managing Director at Goldman Sachs, Vaishali ran a significant part of the Operations Division at Goldman Sachs, Bangalore, and was responsible for Asset Management Operations, Risk and Control. She had Global Process ownership for the Income and Expense team with a global headcount in excess of 600 people in Bangalore, Salt Lake City, Singapore and New York, and managed an expense line of $2Billion for the firm

    Her many accolades include being recognized as one the Hottest Young Executives in Business Today, a Top 5 Woman Achiever in the Deccan Chronicle, and a Leading Women COO Award. She is a seen as great role model for women in the financial industry and beyond. She takes a keen and personal interest in supporting and mentoring other women. To top it all, she’s equally skilled on the running track as she is in the Board Room, and has run multiple marathons, including the Boston Marathon and the Comrades Ultra Marathon.