• Geetha Thiagarajan <span> VP - HRBP, Societe Generale </span>

    We engaged Shenomics (Bhavna) to conduct a full-fledged program for our potential women leaders. The intent of the program was to help our women staff tap into their potential and embark on a leadership journey as they progress in their career. Bhavna came up with a program, with 5 modules which was extremely well-woven as each of the modules were inter-connected and one led to the other and there was incremental value in the programs. I would give full credit to the facilitation skill by Bhavna and her co-facilitators who did a great job in bringing the right impact on each of the participants.

    Geetha Thiagarajan VP - HRBP, Societe Generale
  • Anand James D'Silva <span> HR Country Head - India, Hewlett-Packard </span>

    Bhavna is a versatile, charismatic and motivational speaker. Her content is apt and well researched. The examples she gives and the impact it creates on the audience is mind-blowing. She held the audience captive throughout her session at Hewlett-Packard. To put it in one word – “Stellar.” Bhavna was able to connect with the audience with great content, relevant examples and outstanding delivery.

    Anand James D'Silva HR Country Head - India, Hewlett-Packard
  • Bhavna Mathur <span> Country Director, IDEX Fellowship </span>

    Bhavna, thank you so much for a phenomenal session this Saturday. The fellows could take away some really useful and practical advice. The best part about the workshop was your seamless delivery of concepts that can be complicated and unrelatable otherwise. You made it sound so doable.

    Bhavna Mathur Country Director, IDEX Fellowship
  • Neha Singh <span> Manager, Global Analytics & Insights - CitiBank </span>

    Bhavna’s message to an audience filled with women employees on the occasion of International Women’s Day, was truly inspiring. Drawing on simple examples that everyone could connect with, she captured the attention of an audience spanning different demography and skill set with her energy, conviction and the relevant and inspirational content in her messaging. What truly amazed us was the manner in which she took care to personalize her presentation to our team, and this truly made a powerful and impactful difference to all of us. Feedback from her stellar session was extremely positive. We thank her and wish the team at, all the very best as they continue making a difference.

    Neha Singh Manager, Global Analytics & Insights - CitiBank
  • Veena Rao  <span> Director, Product Management Misys <span>

    The workshop conducted by Bhavna Toor on Building Leadership Presence was highly engaging, interactive and helped to reinforce concepts that we are aware of but omit to consciously practice and internalize. The theme of the workshop was simple yet effective, focusing on all aspects of building leadership presence – spanning body language, developing an authentic style, dealing with the inner critic and tips for overcoming some of the common pitfalls that we experience as women, in our journey towards leadership.

    Veena Rao Director, Product Management Misys
  • Hima Batavia<span>Global Health Consultant<span>

    Working with Bhavna was such a joy - she is a patient and compassionate listener who guides you to find answers to life's tough questions from within. She really helped me hone in on my top values and needs, which I'm confident will continue to serve as the foundation for evaluating future opportunities. Further, she advised me taking my "big vision" and breaking it down into small manageable steps, helping me focus on the trees, rather than get lost in the forest. I'm looking forward to continuing to work with Bhavna!

    Hima BataviaGlobal Health Consultant
  • Namu Kini  <span> Founder - HappyHealthyMe Organics <span>

    Shenomics helped me narrow down my passions and interests and we even shared a fantastic a-ha moment when I completely changed the direction of my new project. Discussing the tasks with Bhavna makes them seem less overwhelming, and the goal appears achievable.

    Namu Kini Founder - HappyHealthyMe Organics
  • Shalini Prakash <span> Principal, 500 Startups <span>

    There was a lot of restlessness inside me and I had too many voices inside my head. I needed to a place where I can vent out all my feelings and thoughts. In my first session with Bhavna, I found myself discussing things with great ease. I also appreciate her patience and caring nature, which makes a big difference in the program. She spent a lot of time to talk through my concerns and to explain the options available to me. My biggest takeaways from the program were self discovery, inner passion and clarity.

    Shalini Prakash Principal, 500 Startups
  • Avani Parekh  <span> Founder of <span>

    My biggest insight about myself is I need a space to talk things through and the hardest part for me is sometimes getting to the real 'why' of something to be able to prioritize. I was able to do that with Bhavna and come up with actionable steps at each session! I would totally recommend people work with Bhavna, and it is an investment in yourself - and an opportunity to hear your own voice as a 3rd person. Bhavna holds the mirror to you, and you have no choice but to look. Her way is gentle, but she always asks probing questions. Definitely try working with her!

    Avani Parekh Founder of
  • Erin Little  <span> Founder of <span>

    The greatest value of this coaching has been understanding what priorities need to be focused on and what I really have control to change in my life. The dynamic between development, either personally or professionally, can be difficult to reorganize when those paths cross. I absolutely recommend this to other women, entrepreneurs, or just busy people who need some directions on the journey of life.

    Erin Little Founder of
  • Arathi Ramesh  <span> Vice President, Goldman Sachs <span>

    Working with Bhavna was an experience that I will look upon as transformational! She listened first and foremost and helped me identify the challenges I was facing after relocating to Bangalore from the United States. I would recommend Bhavna for her ability to probe for what is really important, her ability to listen carefully and then provide suggestions for actions that were apparent but only became very clear after discussions with Bhavna, and for her ability to stay focused on what is most important for me to continue on the path to greater success, personally and professionally.

    Arathi Ramesh Vice President, Goldman Sachs
  • Suman Nayak  <span> Creator of Studio S <span>

    I was looking out for motivation and a sense of direction for my business. I wanted my confidence level to soar high as I was suffering from low self-esteem. Bhavna's sessions allowed me to work in a systematic manner and achieve my goals. I was able to confront my weaknesses and move ahead with confidence. I was able to gain momentum and steadily move in the right direction with my best foot forward. Bhavna has been singularly amazing and has provided me with insights that are very helpful.

    Suman Nayak Creator of Studio S
  • Meenakshi Subramanian  <span> Technology Enthusiast <span>

    Coaching (with Shenomics) was a way for me to connect to my inner self of wisdom, understand myself better, and be able to actively and positively respond to situations that are challenging. As a result of a series of thought provoking questions, answers began to unfold themselves. I would definitely recommend this to other women as they need to move away from expecting reassurance from the environment and accept themselves as they are. Coaching can help women think through and think straight when the environment tries to erode their confidence.

    Meenakshi Subramanian Technology Enthusiast
  • Suhasini Rao  <span> Project Manager, Legal Empowerment Program at UNDP <span>

    At a time, when I was struggling with finding a balance between the demands of my work-life and my personal goals, the Shenomics coaching program helped me formulate a method to achieve that change. My greatest learning has been that the answers are within us. We just need to pause enough to hear our inner strengths speak to ourselves. As a result, I learned to value myself and give myself more credit than I usually do. I also learnt to trust people more with my thoughts and ideas. This is a program for every woman who seeks to make a significantly positive change in her life.

    Suhasini Rao Project Manager, Legal Empowerment Program at UNDP
  • Sama Adil  <span> Founder of Image Studio <span>

    Before I started coaching with Bhavna, I was at a place of confusion and a feeling of being very stuck. I had too much on my plate and I was getting pulled in 10 different directions. After meeting with Bhavna just three times I had a sense of direction and also achievement. She pushed me to push myself in the right direction and make decisions NOW, which I was unnecessarily procrastinating over. Today, I am in control of my own life, and I am taking responsibility for my decisions. Thank you Bhavna!

    Sama Adil Founder of Image Studio
  • Rashmi Varier  <span> Creator of Rashmi Varier Photography <span>

    Within minutes of meeting with Bhavna, she and I were instantly on the same page. Her ability to immediately understand the challenges I face in my business and have a targeted approach to each of the issues was impressive. Instead of spoon-feeding the solutions, she made sure I worked at those challenges objectively and find the solutions by myself. What seemed like an overwhelming task initially later turned out to be an easy process because of the way she talked me through it.

    Rashmi Varier Creator of Rashmi Varier Photography