Megha Mehta

Megha Mehta on ‘Finding Your Inner Voice’

Megha is a health coach, an energy medicine practitioner and creator of the program – The Nourished Feminine. She works with women to help them find energy, balance and nourishment in their lives. She started her company out of her home office, first in Singapore and now in Bangalore, and recently released her first book “Find Your Rhythm,” which is already getting awesome reviews.

What You’ll Learn In This Mentor Chat

As career women, we often hear about the benefits of having the right role models and mentors to help find the inspiration and direction we need to fuel our career. While that is certainly true, and there is huge value in having a mentor, what is equally important is that we realize our power to be our own mentor by recognizing the immense wisdom that is inside us. The more we learn to tap into our own wisdom, our own intuition, our own sense of what feels right or wrong for us, the more empowered we become to make decisions that are most aligned with who we are and who we wish to be.

In this Mentor Chat, wellness coach Megha Mehta, helps us do exactly that by laying out a simple yet powerful framework for identifying our inner guidance.

At 1:40 – Why is it so important for us to find our own inner guidance?

At 2:42 – The dangers of solely relying on left-brained thinking to make decisions.

At 5:15 – STEP #1: Acknowledge your unique feelings

At 6:40 – STEP #2: Accept them without judgment

At 8:05 – STEP #3: Remember the wise voice inside

At 10:52 – STEP #4: Move out of your head and into your body

At 13:15 – STEP #5: Notice the different ways in which your intuition is speaking to you.

At 15:00 – Megha talks about the simplest action you can take today to begin your journey to accessing your inner guidance


The Mentor Chat

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To learn more about Megha check out her website:

You can also find her book, Find Your Rhythm, at Amazon and FlipKart.

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Apurva Purohit

Apurva Purohit’s 3-Part Model of Success

Apurva Purohit is the CEO of Radio City, India’s leading FM brand that’s across all major cities in India, and consistently voted as one of the best places to work in Media, not to mention among the top 25 Great Places to Work across industries.

Considered one of the most influential women in the media and entertainment industry in India today, Apurva’s 25-year illustrious career includes successfully launching major TV brands like Zoom, India’s first lifestyle channel, and spearheading the re-launch strategy for Zee TV.

Apurva also currently serves of the Boards of multiple companies like Mindtree Ltd, Meru Travel Solutions Ltd and Midday Infomedia.

Apurva is the author of the national best–selling book “Lady, You’re not a Man – the Adventures of a Woman at Work”, published by Rupa Publications, which is currently getting translated into several regional languages.

To top it all, Apurva is a passionate advocate for creating better opportunities for women at work, and you can find her regularly giving talks on women and leadership, as well as being a willing mentor to many.

What You’ll Learn In This Mentor Chat

In this Mentor Chat, Apurva Purohit lays out her 3-part framework for success for women at work, as detailed in her book, “Lady, You’re Not a Man”. Born out of 25-years of experience in her own career, this is a simple yet powerful framework that any woman can use at any stage in her career to fulfill her highest career aspirations.

At 2:56: How has the conversation around women at work evolved over the last 25 years in India?

At 4:40: Apurva Purohit’s biggest motivation for writing her book, and creating this framework.

At 6:25  Idea #1: ACCEPT

Why accepting and embracing the advantages as well as the challenges that come to you by virtue of being a woman are the keys to your success.

At 10:00 Idea #2: ADAPT 

How and why you should adapt your environment to help fuel your personal growth and success.

At 14:20 Idea #3: ACHIEVE

How taking ownership of your career decisions and owning your success creates a strong foundation for sustained success in your career.

The Mentor Chat

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If you would like to join Apurva in the conversation on issues relevant to women at work, please visit

You can get Apurva’s best-selling book: “Lady, You’re Not A Man” at Amazon and Flipkart.